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System Administrator/IT

Many properties simply can’t afford to keep dedicated IT staff on board. Because of this, the responsibility for providing IT support and maintenance on technology systems usually gets assigned to someone within the organization who already has full-time duties. The beauty of MyAvail System Administrator/IT is that it continuously monitors the operation of all modules within MyAvail System for you, and provides an at-a-glance display showing the health status of each element. Avail’s IT Control suite also alerts you when something is about to go wrong.

MyAvail System Administrator/IT monitors and displays the health of each of the following:

    • The communications network
    • Vehicle diagnostics
    • Fixed end software problems
    • All system interconnections
    • In addition to displaying the current status of the system, MyAvail System Administrator/IT can be configured to monitor the system for specific situations and alert an IT specialist via email when a problem is detected.

image system02

MyAvail System Administrator/IT Features:

  • The ability to display current vehicle communication status by entire fleet, functional vehicle type, or by an individual vehicle
  • Displays the health of your communications network for the current day, or any past day
  • Displays the results of vehicle diagnostic tests that failed for the current day or any previous day
  • Displays software logs showing errors and warnings generated by any of the MyAvail’s fixed-end products
  • Displays the current state of all of the connections in the system, including: the database connection, connections to any wayside signs, connections to Dispatcher workstations, and connections to other ITS software systems
  • Ability to send alerts and notifications of potential issues and IT system outages

MyAvail System Administrator/IT Advantages:

  • IT staff will no longer have to look for problems. Alerts and outages will be sent directly to the assigned person via SMS or email. This system will also provide visual representations of the problem areas
  • Hours resolving issues are reduced from the system’s ability to isolate the issue
  • The MyAvail System Administrator/IT offers agencies a better and more efficient way to respond to issues, making the best use of staff’s time and resources, by being able to restart and manage the solution remotely
  • IT issues will also be sent to the Avail staff. Many times, the Avail staff sees the issue and resolves it, before the agency is even aware; which is often appreciated