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myAvail–the Enterprise Transit Management Software (ETMS) that empowers agencies to drastically improve efficiency, tracking, and compliance.

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Transit Software That Works

More than just CAD/AVL, myAvail offers features to support your entire organization and business intelligence dashboards so that you get answers, not just data.

  • Single shared database

    Data flows seamlessly throughout your organization: your riders are immediately notified of changes; dispatchers know where every bus and driver is and all incidents are tracked as they occur.

  • Business intelligence dashboards

    Dashboards report your metrics in real time to help you improve efficiency, justify funding requests and demonstrate compliance.

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We’re here when you need us. In fact, our goal is to offer support even before you need us, with proactive service that improves your efficiency and best practices as you get up and running with myAvail.

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The Rapid Improves Service Fast with Avail

Avail has really come a long way, and we are so happy that there is no going back to the ‘dark ages'. Reporting, in particular, has dramatically improved.
James Bunn Technical Systems Administrator for The Rapid Read More

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