One Unified Platform

Transit agency software usually focuses on CAD/AVL. But what if the same platform that runs your buses and schedule also runs your business tasks? myAvail allows you to harness the power of Enterprise Transit Management Software (ETMS) to support all aspects of your agency—from buses and dispatch to finance and administration. Then, all of your information is in one place for ease of analysis and reporting.

Features Include
  • Enterprise level advanced transit management solution
  • Role based user interface
  • Centralized database
  • Business intelligence
  • Reduce Roadcalls

    Proactively maintain your fleet and monitor real-time bus status to reduce roadcalls

  • Get Answers, Not Just Data

    Business intelligence pulls data from across myAvail’s features

  • Streamline Driver Payment

    Unified data from bus operations and finance automate driver payment

  • Stay in Compliance

    Manage your paratransit operations for ADA compliance, and track and manage assets for NTD compliance

  • Support Your Dispatchers

    Clear, concise real-time information to easily and actively manage your fleet

  • Inform Riders

    Integration with rider apps, websites and signage lets your riders know real-time information

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myAvail Gives MCAT’s Riders Big City Service

We don't get the same level of customer service from other vendors and integrators, even for menial issues. That has been very important to us, and it validates our selection of Avail as our vendor.
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