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How can you improve customer service, reduce complaints and increase satisfaction among your riders? By giving your riders up-to-date and accurate information about service and delays. With the myStop® app and web platform, Avail provides the software you need to seamlessly communicate with your riders. Better yet, it already integrates with the rest of the myAvail system for easy, automatic communication.

Features Include
  • White-labeled online application including live map and schedule information
  • Android/iPhone app for rider use
  • Digital signage, IVR and other systems to provide accessibility
  • Satisfied Riders

    Riders want to know the schedule, and they need to know when there are delays. Increase satisfaction with better information

  • Automated Notifications

    Send riders notifications through social media and app

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    Reduce complaint calls with accurate, real-time information

  • Real-Time Data

    Information from other parts of myAvail automatically populates app, site, signage and more

  • Accessible Solutions

    Unified information across platforms, from IVR and app to digital signage and website

Partnering With

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AVTA’s On Time Performance Jumps

So far AVTA has been able to improve their schedules and went from performing 65% On Time to as high as 82%
Geraldina Romo Transit Analyst Read More

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