Conferences and Webinars

Avail's Upcoming Events

Interested to learn more about myAvail, or looking to optimize your use of the platform? You can talk with Avail representatives and other Avail customers at numerous conferences and tradeshows and via our regular online webinars. See the list below for all events Avail will be hosting or attending.

  • CTAA Sun Conference, August 11-13
  • PPTA Conference, September 12-16
  • Ohio Public Transit Conference, September 15-17
  • CASTA, September 14-17

Thank You!

Thank you for attending our 2021 Virtual User Conference!

Missed the conference? You can still register to watch the recorded sessions. https://register.availuserconference.com/

Questions about an upcoming event?

The Rapid Improves Service Fast with Avail

Avail has really come a long way, and we are so happy that there is no going back to the ‘dark ages'. Reporting, in particular, has dramatically improved.
James Bunn Technical Systems Administrator for The Rapid Read More