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You need software that helps you manage all aspects of your daily operations. myAvail provides tools and solutions to help you manage all of it: CAD/AVL, ERP, compliance and administration. With myAvail you’ll be able to make informed, proactive decisions about how your agency should work.

Features Include
  • Dispatch
  • Scheduling
  • Yard and pullout management
  • Incident management
  • Paratransit support
  • Reduce Roadcalls

    Use accurate, timely information to improve transit operations, make informed decisions and reduce roadcalls

  • Aid Dispatchers

    Provide at-a-glance information about bus location, condition, schedule and predicted issues

  • Manage in Real-Time

    Immediate access to up-to-date operations information

  • Improve Yard Management

    Know where every bus is (and where it has to be next) all the time to improve your on-time performance

  • Support Informed Scheduling

    Collect passenger data and more to inform scheduling decisions, in the short term and for future planning

  • Share Information

    myAvail’s features share databases, meaning that information is available to everyone in your agency, in one place

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SolTrans Benefits From a Reset

With Avail, our staff—both agency and contract-operations—have benefited greatly by the increase in transparency.
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