Maintain Your Fleet's Value

The increasing complexity of modern buses and the demands of operating a fleet that spans a variety of years, makes, and models can easily turn maintenance into a challenging, costly task. myAvail offers a comprehensive solution through Enterprise Transit Management Software (ETMS). Our maintenance features let you avoid unexpected breakdowns and plan and prioritize preventative maintenance.

Features Include
  • Electronic driver vehicle inspection
  • Automatic vehicle health monitoring and tracking
  • Real-time warnings and fault alerts
  • Integration to advanced business intelligence
  • Reduce Roadcalls

    Proactively address maintenance needs

  • Improve Asset Management

    Track fleet maintenance and assets in real time, easily demonstrating NTD compliance

  • Manage Fueling

    Control diesel, electric, CNG and hydrogen fueling

  • Increase Staff Productivity

    With clearly tracked information, staff will have improved morale and increased efficiency

  • Lower Operating Costs

    By proactively predicting vehicle health, you can reduce roadcalls and plan routes efficiently

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Avoiding disruptions of service will directly increase customer satisfaction

How can we help your transit agency?

SolTrans Benefits From a Reset

With Avail, our staff—both agency and contract-operations—have benefited greatly by the increase in transparency.
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