Revolutionize Your Fleet Management

The myAvail  Enterprise Transit Management Software (ETMS) automates much of what drivers need to do on the bus, so they can focus on driving. With a single login, drivers can initiate automatic ADA announcements, fare collection, passenger counting and more — leaving them free to spend their time focused on driving safely and providing your riders with a good experience.

Features Include
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • ADA announcements
  • Passenger counting and fare collection
  • Reduce Roadcalls

    Vehicle health monitoring lets you proactively evaluate vehicle health problems and remotely evaluate concerns

  • Improve Asset Management

    Consistent, accurate insight into daily fleet health and maintenance needs

  • Track and Facilitate Compliance

    Automate ADA announcements and manage assets to support NTD

  • Free Your Drivers

    With a single login, drivers can automate many tasks that used to be manual, error-prone and complicated

  • Future-Proof Your Fleet

    Full backward compatibility ensures that new buses and old buses integrate smoothly

  • Universal Data Router

    Simplify bus hardware and connectivity with one data router for all vehicle features

How can we help your transit agency?

Reduce Costs and Improve Your Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a revolutionary technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection and can have a major impact on your agency’s communications. Our solution leverages your Avail ITS and the public cellular data network to provide your agency greater flexibility and stability for voice communications.

  • Multi purpose equipment to provide additional services
  • Leverage public cellular network to provide better coverage & performance
  • Lower capital investment
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AVTA’s On Time Performance Jumps

So far AVTA has been able to improve their schedules and went from performing 65% On Time to as high as 82%
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