Service Lifecycle

Support at Every Stage

When you invest in new transit software, you don’t just need help during installation. You need support as you make your decision, training to prepare your staff and leadership and technical and strategic support during installation. And it doesn’t end there. Once your system is up and running, you need support for urgent problems (of course!), and ongoing training and support to make sure that your agency is making the best use possible of its new system. With Avail, that’s exactly what you get.

We offer proactive support at every stage, connecting you with dedicated FAST™ support staff from the beginning of our interaction.

The Customer Journey

  1. We start by understanding your needs and supporting you through proposals, orals and decision making.
  2. Then, we develop a project and unique deployment to meet your needs, training your staff, offering technical support and making sure your entire agency is ready to get the most out of myAvail.
  3. Finally, we continue to provide 24/7 customer support for urgent needs and ongoing training, advice and events to optimize your myAvail implementation.
Greg Kilbride System Engineer

Service When You Need It

We’re always ready to support your agency and your riders. Whether you need urgent help or long-term, strategic advice, we’re here for you. Avail’s customer support team, FAST™ team, engineers and advisors are all ready for a call or visit to ensure you’re getting maximum benefits from the myAvail solution.

How can we help your transit agency?

Metro Saved from Spreadsheet Nightmares

Even on weekends, we know that we can reach someone to help keep the transit system running.
Kathy Schultz Planning and Development Manager Read More