Leadership Team

Dorsey Houtz

Dorsey founded Avail to provide technology solutions specific for mid-size transit agencies. Under his consistent leadership, Avail has grown to be the nation’s leading provider for this market, and we haven’t wavered from our original company vision. Dorsey’s core beliefs include: our advanced cutting-edge technologies need to be accessible, easy-to-use, and designed around how our customers work; we should treat our customers as partners and take the time to understand their unique needs; and lastly, we should always be open and honest with our customers.

Rick Spangler
Chief Technology Officer, CTO

Rick sets the vision and strategy for Avail’s product roadmap to ensure we are providing technology solutions and products that meet our customer’s needs. Rick leads an experienced Product Engineering team that is passionate about developing solutions that ensure transit agencies are compliant with industry regulations, best practices, and technology standards, to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing safer, more reliable, and more effective service to their riders.

Kevin McKay
Chief Operating Officer, COO

Kevin ensures customers’ successful adoption of Avail solutions by empowering a talented group of transit professionals including Programs, Deployment, Test, Production, Customer Service, Production and Business Development. A successful deployment is about working closely with our customers to make sure processes and procedures are in place and customer staff have the training and support necessary to effectively and efficiently utilize the deployed system in their operations. He measures success by providing real tangible value to our customers and enabling them to improve their operations, efficiency and ultimately provide superior service to their riders.


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