Business Intelligence

Answers, Not Just Data

To find answers to operational questions, your team probably has to sift through dozens of reports or spreadsheets. Not anymore. The myAvail Enterprise Transit Management Software (ETMS) gives you immediate, accurate insight into your agency’s operations. Want to better understand your ridership, costs, and compliance? Business intelligence is the answer.

Features Include
  • Data collection
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Real-time information and reporting
  • Powerful and intuitive visualization
  • Full integration with myAvail
  • Contextualize and Interpret Data

    Data isn’t the same as answers. With myAvail analytics, you get both

  • Evaluate KPIs

    Support informed decision-making and fund requests with data

  • Data at Your Fingertips

    Real-time data including on-time performance, running times and schedule health

  • Optimize Service Effectiveness

    With the right information, you can make strategic decisions about how to improve your agency

  • Increase Productivity

    Reduce manual, error-prone data collection and improve your staff’s efficiency

  • Designed for Transportation

    “Transit-smart” features provide immediate access to the data most important to your transit agency

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SolTrans Benefits From a Reset

With Avail, our staff—both agency and contract-operations—have benefited greatly by the increase in transparency.
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