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So far AVTA has been able to improve their schedules and went from performing 65% On Time to as high as 82%
Geraldina Romo
Transit Analyst

AVTA’s On Time Performance Jumps

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA), located in Lancaster, CA has been a loyal Avail partner for many years now. Before pairing with Avail, one of the challenges AVTA had faced was on-time performance and communication with bus operators and their riders. Through the myAvail feature, they have been able to improve on-time performance by system analysis of the routes’ running time by improving the schedules that they already have. In addition, the communication to bus operators and dispatchers, as well as the riders, has been improved through text message alerts. This ensures that everyone is being kept up to date with the latest information, through a source with easy access for all. With all of these features, AVTA’s Transit Analyst Geraldina Romo says the best part of myAvail is how it integrates information. “The visuals were very appealing. Going from manual data captured in paper and then put on spreadsheets to a computerized system that has the ability to show different data simultaneously on different screens made the workflow easier.”

The myAvail feature has benefits that go beyond just one job position at an organization. At AVTA, everyone from analysts, dispatchers, customer service representatives, road supervisors and management implement this tool to help with their job responsibilities. Just like myAvail, our employees go beyond just one job position as well. During the implementation of the solution, Avail assisted in resolving communication blind spots in the radio system. After analysis, Avail was not only able to diagnose the problem but resolve it permanently. To this day, radio communication is no longer an issue.

In wrapping up, we asked AVTA if they would recommend Avail and why, and we got a hearty “yes.” Transit Analyst Geraldina Romo at AVTA  had this to say: “So far AVTA has been able to improve their schedules and went from performing 65% on time to as high as 82% on its Local Service, NTD reporting has become an easy task, and having a personalized desktop makes the dispatchers’ job easier on a day to day basis.”