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 Enhance your rider's experience


Real-time Information Solution

The Riding Public’s expectations have increased dramatically over the past decade. This expectation has encouraged agencies to invest in cleaner, faster, and more reliable transportation. Encompassed in the more reliable transportation expectation, lies the intrinsic need for reliable information being passed from the agency—to the riding public. Today, with Avails Central ITS Solution, a great deal of information is already being collected concerning the real-time operational status of a transit property’s fleet. Avail is continuing to provide enhanced methods to provide this information to the riding public, to “Enhance the Riders Experience.” Providing this valuable real-time information within easy to use Medias like the Web, Wayside signs, In-vehicle displays, and mobile devices, will encourage the riding public to abandon their cars and utilize public transit.

Web Features

Map Display of Vehicles

  • Displays all vehicles in the current map region
  • Displays route traces and stop points in the current map region
  • Allows the customer to pan and zoom to change the map region
  • Allows the customer to select a stop along a route to see the next three departure times for any vehicle/route being serviced through that stop

Stop Listing Display

  • Provides the customer with the ability to select a route/stop combination and get departure information in a non-graphical format

Message Page Displays

  • Provides informational messages to the riding public entered by the transit dispatcher


  • Alerts via e-mail and SMS can be set for real-time information

Wayside Features

  • Wayside signs can be placed at high volume points such as shopping plazas and transfer centers
  • Signs display the current system time which is synchronized with the fleet operations, as well as the predicted departure time of each route passing through that stop based on the current status
  • Signs can be configured as end-point signs, displaying the route name and the departure time, or on route signs, displaying the destination and departure time to handle both directions of the same route
  • Signs can display public service text messages entered by the dispatcher
  • Signs can include an audio button that, when pressed, will audibly announce the information that is currently displayed on the sign

In-Vehicle Features

  • In-vehicle LCD signs can provide riders with current location and real-time arrival of the net three stops
  • Agency videos can be played on the vehicle: Announcements, New Fares, and Special offers.
  • Local businesses can advertise on the LCD signs near stops with a walkability factor. Possible Return on investment

Mobile Features


  • Customers can call a phone number and enter a specific stop number to receive an announcement of the next departure time of each route passing through that stop
  • The stop number to be entered can be found either on the web, or at the stop in question

Mobile Apps

  • Customers can download smartphone apps for particular Agency networks for real-time information and alerts