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Fare Collection

Avail is leveraging over two decades of ITS industry knowledge to provide Fare collection solutions, where the emphasis is more on the data and analysis capabilities of the fare collection, and less on automatic bill and coin validation. The Avail system provides more advanced data collection than the industry standard validating farebox, and a reporting and data analysis feature unlike any you’ve seen before. Avail offers a variety of system configurations to meet the needs of all customers, including features like:

  • Contactless smartcards for cashless payment
  • Stop level reporting of fares collected
  • Point of sale for fare media
  • Wireless upload of collected data
  • GPS based replay of each vehicles travels including: schedule adherence, dwell times, etc.
  • And much, much more!


This solution provides the ability for the agency to support both cash and cashless systems, utilizing industry standard equipment and processes to provide additional value to the riding public. Providing the public with additional methods of payment, while reducing the agencies need for printed tickets, will provide a return on investment related to the size of each agency.

For the cash side of the equation, Avail has existing interfaces to the majority of the fare box providers in the industry today. Our interface allows us to gather necessary information directly from the machine, as well as interfaces on the backend for merged report information necessary for proper data mining of corresponding information.

On the Fare card side of the equation, Avail again utilizes existing proven hardware available in the industry and incorporates this hardware into our proven vehicle and backend solution for an end-to-end solution. This is where the decades of industry knowledge enables Avail to capture the needs of the agencies, and engineer the solution to meet the need.

Having hardware readily available from the market in which to meet the need provides multiple sources for redundancy and product migration/expansion. Today, we have the following Fare Card Reader integrated into our product providing a feature-rich solution.

Fare Card Reader Key Features:

  • Bright color TFT 3.5”
  • Front face provides contactless target
  • Illuminated color ring indicates transaction status
  • Digital audio – High quality audio, including voice messages
  • Contactless Reader Supports ISO 14443 Types A, B and C
  • Fully programmable user interface