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Avail's Mission:

Revolutionize the adoption of ITS technology by partnering with our customers to achieve success.

Mission and Values

Behind the scenes here at Avail, there is a family-oriented staff working hand-in-hand with transit professionals throughout North America. Our collective experience allows us to design, develop, and adopt technology solutions which provide the features and benefits to dramatically improve your daily operations—as well as enhance your rider’s experience.

Today, we are recognized as the industry's leading provider of ITS technology solutions for mid-sized transit operators throughout the United States. Because of our unique market focus, our dedicated team is firmly positioned to better serve you, the transit operator, by providing "Best-of-Breed" products, proven engineering processes, and the highest degree of integrity possible.

What else makes our Team at Avail so unique in the industry?

  • We’re an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Integrator providing CAD/AVL solutions for both Fixed Route and Paratransit alike
  • On January 1, 1999, our company was founded with deep-rooted core values—and a Vision and Mission that still holds true today
  • We’re not interested in simply selling you a system; we create true “partnerships” for years to come
  • We provide both end-to-end product solutions and trust-worthy implementation services
  • We’re a licensed and bondable ESOP corporation in State College PA ,who has been lawsuit and judgment free since inception
  • Our perfected Project Management and Implementation Methodology, which raises us above the competition, can be summed up in two simple words: Experience and Culture!
  • We Integrate Best-of-Breed products to meet the specific needs of every customer
  • We work closely with bus manufacturers to ensure a seamless transition of your OEM fleet additions
  • We hold patents for the first ever Next Stop Annunciation System and Traffic Light Preemption to be triggered via GPS (US Patent #’s: 5,808,565 & 6,064,319;
  • We provide a FAST (Follow-on Adoption Support and Training) visit upon completion of implementation;
  • We utilize DBE contractors on most installations to ensure both national and agency goals are met
  • We have an internal Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to ensure the quality of our products, employees, and overall culture are constantly reviewed and under improvement
  • We stay closely involved with local, state & federal agencies that steer ITS standards within the industry
  • Our staff serves on National committees such as:

                 Technical Advisory Group for Intelligent Transportation Systems

                 Various groups within APTA’s Transportation Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP)

                 The Transportation Research Board


Transit operators in our target demographic have just as much (if not more) need for ITS technology, as those running 1,000 vehicles or more. The differences, unfortunately, are the varying needs from one property size to the next. The other challenge smaller properties often face, are the lack of internal resources, from a technical, manpower, and often funding prospective. Because of this, these users are looking for technology that is not only easy to use, understand and maintain, but still provides the feature-rich functionality required to truly provide the cost payback benefit which justifies their adoption. And since these properties don’t have the internal resources for dedicating staff focused on nothing but managing technology, they also need a solution which allows them to grow and add new features and functionalities in the future, without being tied to a proprietary dinosaur which forces them to limit their options.

At Avail, we act as the “Single Point of Responsibility” to deploy an end-to-end turnkey solution. Here are some of the offered features available with our CAD/AVL solution:

  • Interface Expansion Box (IEB)
  • Mobile Data Terminal
  • Next Stop Annunciation
  • Automatic Passenger Counting
  • Cellular or Voice/Data Radio Communications
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Single-Point Login
  • Digital Video Recorder System
  • Interface to On-board Fare Collection Systems
  • Wi-Fi Service on the Bus
  • Bulk Data Download
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Real Time Passenger Information
  • Security Camera through wireless feed
  • Google Transit Interface
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Vehicle Location Data
  • Route Management
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Fixed Route Scheduling
  • Wayside LED Variable Message Signs