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Third Party Integration Portal (TPIP)

Avail fully understands the importance of being able to interface to other vendors' products.  Because of this, Avail has developed our Third Party Integration Portal (TPIP), our single point of interface between our technologies and the "outside world".  Avail's TPIP is a software application which allows Avail to easily and cost effectively interface our product suite to virtually any other third party application.  Through clearly defined Interface Control Documents and adherence to industry standards, Avail's Third Party Integration Portal enables transit properties to mix and match technologies where applicable.

Features from a Communications Perspective

The TPIP "communications link" breaks the ties that have forced transit properties to deploy end-to-end proprietary systems from a single vendor.  Using our TPIP, a property can choose to use the MyAvail Software product suite for all their backend CAD/AVL needs, while choosing an off-the-shelf communications controller and mobile data terminal from another vendor.  This module not only supports private conventional radio systems, trunked systems, and commercial communications providers (cellular), but it will also allow a property to mix and match communications platforms as needed.

Features from a Backend Software Application Perspective

From a backend perspective, Avail's TPIP serves as the protocol translator and single point of interface whenever there's a need to tie our system to a third party product.  Keeping these interfaces isolated to a single point within our overall system architecture eliminates any possible impact on other aspects of Avail's solution.  This also eliminates complexity in the design and cost of development, since we only need to create a translator which "speaks the same language" as the product we are interfacing to.

Third Party Integration Portal - Coms Features:

  • Provides data transport over multiple types of radio and wireless data networks
  • Efficiently packages and compresses data to make better use of network bandwidth
  • Provides guaranteed data communications; data not lost due to vehicles being out of coverage
  • Allows communications between vehicles and other ITS software applications
  • Provides a straightforward approach for interfacing Avail's TPIP product features with other third party products such as:
    • Fixed route run-cutting and scheduling packages
    • Paratransit CAD packages
    • Accounting packages
    • Maintenance packages
    • Interactive Voice Recognitions Systems (IVRs)
    • Web interfaces