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Open Architecture

The entire Central ITS Software product suite by Avail, has been developed in light of the emerging TCIP industry standards for providing open system architecture and interoperability between products. This means properties may use the Central Open Database as the centralized storage point for data collected by Avail’s suite of products, as well as for storage and reporting of relevant data elements that are available from other systems a property might be using. Since our solution has been designed, improved, and perfected over the last decade, our solution is designed to perform in the transit industry. So speed, architectural design, and the algorithms performed were engineered to run best for Fixed Route and Paratransit solutions. This simple design solution highlights Avail’s strengths, over those coming from trucking, AVL, and standalone system engineering industries.

The Central Open Database

image data01

Advantages of Centralized Data Storage:

  • Provides the user with a single –point-of-access when reporting or analyzing data
  • Ensures consistency of the real-time data being presented to dispatchers, drivers, supervisors, managers and customer service representatives
  • Data can be inter-related so real-time data can be compared to planned data, to determine current operational performance; Current operational data can be compared to previous operational data to evaluate supply and demand trends; And existing operational data can be compared to “what if” scenarios to support future planning
  • When data elements get updated within the database, all systems see the updates at the same time