Petaluma Transit Follows County High-Tech Lead

Petaluma, CA — January 3rd, 2015 — Petaluma County plans on bringing their fleet of buses into the 21st century after purchasing new ITS technology provided by Avail Technologies.

The new technology will allow for riders to get real time text alert updates to their preferred routes and trip planning, all from the convince of their smart phones. On the other hand, the agency benefits from being able to see real time passenger data, vehicle health monitoring and delays and vehicle status. With all of this information, Petaluma is better able to service not only their ridership, but the drivers as well.

“It’s a remarkable, user-friendly system that will really complete what has been a big upgrade in service to our transit system,” Joe Rye, transit manager for the city’s 11 fleet bus system, says. “We’re very, very excited about the possibilities.”