ITS Adoption
Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat  For over two decades, Avail Technologies, Inc. has been committed to delivering solutions focused solely on helping make public transit operations... READ MORE
Cybersecurity and the Cloud: Is Your ITS Infrastructure Ready for the Future?
All-time high levels of funding are now available to restore and modernize our nation’s transportation infrastructure and advance the state of public transit in America. Likewise, as the... READ MORE
Building a Culture of On Time Performance, Part II: Finding Answers
In the first part of our series about cultivating a culture of on-time performance published on July 26, 2022, we talked about the myriad benefits provided by an Intelligent Transportation... READ MORE
Is ITS Helping Your Agency Build a Culture of On-Time Performance?
Think back to what it was like from a public transit perspective in the early 1990s: Printed paper route guides served as your ONLY source of bus schedule information. Calling a driver on... READ MORE
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