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Vehicle OPS ITS

Avail’s in-vehicle approach is a fully backwards-compatible solution which provides a single point of control for vehicle operators. It allows the operator to log into and control all ITS equipment on the vehicle, including but not limited to: fareboxes, next stop announcement systems, automatic passenger counters, and headsigns. The in-vehicle suite also provides the driver with all relevant status information including: the number of minutes they’re ahead or behind schedule, text and voice messaging with the dispatcher, Navigation (Turn by Turn), and the safety and security of a covert emergency alarm switch.

image server01Flexibility

Avail’s system can be used in fixed route, paratransit, supervisor and maintenance vehicles alike. In each application, the In-Vehicle System specifically addresses the features and functionalities each group is interested in. In fact, it can even be configured so dispatchers can use fixed route and paratransit vehicles interchangeably, just by the way the driver logs onto the system.

The flexibility of Avail’s in-vehicle system is further enhanced through the addition of the Vehicle Data Router. This device has been specifically developed to support the transit property in choosing products from multiple vendors— and being able to tie them all together into one cohesive solution.

Interface Capabilities of the in-vehicle suite:

  • Two J1708/1587/1939 interfaces to support both a Drive Train and Transit Interface
  • 4 Serial Ports configurable as RS-232 or RS-485
  • 12 Optically Isolated Discrete Inputs
  • 4 Analog Discrete Inputs
  • 6 Optically Isolated Discrete Outputs
  • Covert Microphone
  • Radio Interface and Audio Switching for Closed Microphone Operations and Radio Control
  • Power Control and monitoring for vehicle peripheral equipment such as passenger counters, APC and MDT
  • Odometer Interface
  • Emergency Alarm
  • 2 expansion slots

Benefits for Fixed Route Vehicles:

  • Improves driver efficiency by providing a single point of control for all ITS equipment on the vehicle
  • Improves on-time performance by accurately displaying schedule adherence to the driver
  • Reduces voice radio traffic by providing text message capabilities
  • Increases driver and passenger safety with the emergency alarm features
  • Reduces communications required to ensure transfer connections are made
  • Bright robust touch screen technology for direct sunlight operation
  • Using Vehicle Data Router and other ITS equipment, Avail’s in-vehicle system can:
  • Increase driver concentration on the road by automatically announcing upcoming stops
  • Provide real-time onboard information to the dispatchers through the use of automatic passenger counters (APC’s)
  • Improve ridership reporting through the use of APC’s

Benefit for Paratransit Vehicles:

  • Reduces paperwork through the use of electronic manifests
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy of data collection by automatically collecting time and mileage at each pickup and drop off point
  • Improves customer service by providing real-time status and location of the vehicle
  • Reduces voice radio traffic by providing text message capabilities, and by electronically updating manifests due to cancellations and same day additions
  • Increases driver and passenger safety with the emergency alarm features
  • Bright robust touch-screen technology for direct sunlight operation including turn-by-turn Navigation

Benefits for Supervisors:

  • Improves efficiency of supervisors by allowing on road viewing of paratransit manifest status
  • Improves response to road calls by showing dispatchers where the closest supervisor is
  • Improves response to service disruptions by allowing direct voice communications between the supervisor and one or more vehicles