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MyAvail Dispatcher supports real-time Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) displays allow dispatchers to monitor and command the fleet on a daily basis. For every vehicle the dispatcher is responsible for, MyAvail Dispatcher displays continuously updated status and location of each vehicle. MyAvail Dispatcher also supports customer service representatives, planners, risk managers, maintenance staff, and others by providing a full suite of applications and utilities, that have been specifically designed based on input from actual users over the past 15 years.


  • Preemptive tools to identify that something operational is about to go wrong, versus reactively telling you something did go wrong
  • Personalized desktop alerts from dashboards, text messages, and e-mails
  • Quick, at-a-glance display of vehicle status including: early, late, on-time, no GPS, no communications
  • Straight forward event handling via the intuitive priority sorted MyAvail Dispatcher Event Queue
  • Allows dispatchers to select different groups of vehicles they will manage (fixed, paratransit, contractor, all) through the user login process
  • Built-in capability to manage voice communication for vehicles operating in a closed microphone mode, open microphone mode, or a mixture of both
  • Communications through text messaging with a simple point and click interface for defining an ad-hoc group of vehicles
  • Transfer Connection Protection processing which only alerts the dispatcher when a connection is in jeopardy
  • An Auto-Response mode which allows the system to continue servicing the needs of drivers, even if the dispatcher needs to walk away
  • Emergency Alarm (EA) processing, including audible and visual alerts, as well as covert audible monitoring of vehicles in an EA situation
  • Dispatch system audit trail which provides a step-by-step log of every event handled through this system. A real-time display of on-board count for vehicles equipped with Automatic Passenger Counters which allows dispatchers to make better operational decisions


  • Reduced time focused on non-issues; with the Preemptive measures, dispatchers will be more proactive than reactive.
  • Faster awareness to managing staff of critical events
  • The system will support multiple role dashboard screens for those supporting multiple roles
  • Quicker recognition and response to potential disruptions in service using real-time information
  • Greater dispatch efficiency achieved by providing relevant operational data at their fingertips
  • Reduced radio traffic by replacing voice communications with data messaging
  • Improved Transfer Connection Protection resulting in better customer service
  • Dispatch tools that do not require the dispatcher to be in constant contact with the system
  • Continuity in information provided to the public, by sharing real-time data between dispatch and customer service representatives
  • Provides the resources to support a property’s position when handling customer complaints
  • Better accountability of people and resources when responding to emergency situations