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A Message From Dorsey Houtz

image pres01Welcome to Avail Technologies. We have come a long way since our inception back in 1999. Just like our company itself, this website is a constant work in progress as we strive to improve our processes, our technologies, and the support services we provide our customers. Please take a moment to peruse our website. We have tried to be concise and informative; we hope you find our site helpful.

The message we would like you to take away from your visit is simple: Avail is a company providing progressive technologies through unique and innovative processes backed by the traditional values that make the adoption of our systems smooth, rewarding, and solely focused on our customer’s success.

What does it take to ensure successful adoption of systems like the ones we offer, into an existing transit agency? Technology alone isn't enough. Through years of implementing advanced technologies at transit agencies like yours, we have learned that it is the immersion of our team into learning the different aspects of your operation by working side-by-side with your team as a partner, not a vendor, which ultimately results in the success you are striving to achieve.

This partnership status means our people simply become an extension of your team to learn firsthand how you do business, and why you do it in that manner. That knowledge then allows us to apply our two decades of experience integrating technology for transit to help identify; how technology will fit into your current operations, where certain changes should be made, and how to adapt our long term training initiatives to maximize the benefit for the day to day activities of the entire team.

This has been our basic approach for years. This process doesn’t try to force a one size fits all solution, but rather helps you adopt the solution on your terms and how it will work best for your operations. With a focus on small to medium sized transit agencies, we can also assure you that our process and technologies stay relevant to your organization.

  • We don't just provide CAD/AVL solutions; we provide complete transit management solutions, from scheduling software to fare collection systems, from passenger counting solutions to passenger information systems, and more
  • We don't just provide great technologies; we provide powerful tools to improve your operations and make sure the technologies are ‘adopted’ by the agency
  • Most importantly, we don't just focus on getting the system in place; we make sure you achieve the success you are looking for by going the extra mile and staying directly involved long after the project is over to teach you how to apply technology for operational improvement.

Bottom line, we measure our success by how successful our customers are in taking your organizations to the next level of operational efficiency.